Sunday, June 19, 2011

Map your mind

minggu lepas akak pergi kursus kaler2. belajar amik nota dan buat presentation guna mind map.
ingatkan mind map ni untuk amik nota and stadi utk exam sekolah je. rupanya boleh buat presentation gak.
well.. akak ni mmg jenis 'linear' bak kata cikgu yg mengajor tu. jenis otak kiri lurus bendul gitu
tapi takat nk garis2 mengaler semua tu eleh hujung jari jek...
utk amik/buat note mungkin ok, akak boleh apply. tp utk present akak dah pening. rasa serabut sgt tgk byk cabang gitu. pastu akak jadi kelamkabut semua menda nk cerita.. sudahnya akak fail presentation test hahah.
but i must admit, having the chance to do that, i think it slowed me down, making me relax a bit in this fast and furious world. tu diaaa ayat tak bley blahh

i had the chance to chat with Chris, MD and the pioneer who help set up Tonybuzan Malaysia. i asked him how he come on board ( i'l tell you this later) one thing he said to me 'if i knew this (Buzan and mind things) i would have done thing differently. you had the chance now'
he said he would raise his children differently. unfortunately time doesnt permit us to dwell more on that. so i cannot drill more from him. but it keeps me wondering. what are the 'different' thing? what shud i do differently..?
i know children are gifted. because they all have brain. we adults suka sgt nk simply undermined brain power. kita selalu ingat ala budak2 apa tau.

but the fact is
1. child's brain is like sponge. they absorb everything around them. there's so much they can learn. so the more they learn the more the powerful the brain become.
2. the inquisitive nature of children enable them to learn more than us adult. we are just couldnt bother to learn.
3. children learns through mistakes. adults too. we just forget that. we wont let our children make mistake because we fear oh they'r not good enough.
4. childrens' world know no boundaries. that's why they'r more open to new thing, see things we couldnt even imagine. as we grow, we begin to build this firewall within us and slowly we limit ourselves. we should learn from them.
5. we may think some children are born talented, but half of them (or more i cant be sure of the stats  but thats not important) may actually have start practising since in the womb.. remember brain need practising, the more the better we become. some unborn babies may actually learn by listening to their environment e.g baby of a talented drummer may 'join' her father practising, listening to the rhythm, beat and all so music come natural to her.

i told Chris my daughters like to conteng the wall, sofa, bedsheet.. everywhere. he said Let them be!
haa senang cakap. akak ni sakit jiwa mengadap mini batu cave ni hari2 huhu
but yes i had to agree, i need to give them space to explore and express. maybe what i need is more space, more materials.
so motto sekarang adalah 'biar rumah bersepah demi kebaikan anak2' hehe
dulu2 rumah aku bersepah gak, and i too must admit, i like to conteng dinding rumah, kusi.. anywhere prohibited mmg thrill la dpt conteng.  pastu siap tulis nota 'ini kaklong yg tulis' hahah like mak aku nk percaya kan.. in fact aku pernah kekonon lukis bunga kat cermin almari mak aku. kan cermin almari dulu2 ada yg ada bunga2 kat tepi dia kan. almari tu dah reput tp mak aku gigih simpan pintu cermin tu. esok2 dia nk tunjuk kat anak aku.mak marah but takde la over sampai pukul tangan ke apa.. today i end up like  this.. not too bad kan?
letting their creativity out is a must, but i also must help to instill the art of mengemas afterward.

kekadg sayang pulak nk cat balik dinding2 yang ada masterpiece budak2 ni. i wish i can carry it everywhere i go!

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