Monday, November 24, 2014

Cuti sekolah

Come school holiday, our small family will split into three.
One is north
One is southwest, lebih kurang la
And the rest is home. Wic doesn't sound and fill much like home when we have not enough corum and less yelling.

Aisyah, my eldest as always prefer my inlaws. No doubt since she was raised by them since a baby, she loved being pampered and 'pampering' her tokmama otherwise. She loves tokmama's cooking. They will spend the day talking, while she give tokma some leg massage. Or play the hair salon game.
Aliya, eventho born n bred in city, is always a kampung girl at heart. Thats why she enjoy the time at my kampung with her Maktok and AyahWan.
She favors maktok's curry, spend her day chasing the chicken n socialising with the rest of kampung makciks. My mom will take her along when visiting relatives n friends and graveyards n those religious classes at the mosque.  She know more people there than I do!
Umar very much like to follow kakngah, but abak would be lost here being the only man in the house, huh?
so at the very last minute abak would bribe him not to follow maktok..
Adyra, of course cant leave mummy's ketiak..

at the absence of the other two of Ajies's girl, these two is now can happily ride the motorbike with abak to and fro the daycare.

Letting my children to spend holiday with my parents is not intentionally to burden them. Or atleast that's what I think. Thats why before I let them I will ensure that they will not be. I only started leaving my kids alone when they can go to toilet on their own. Or at times when my sister is home so she can help out.

Actually,  sending my children over is not just relieving myself, bonding, or finding a solution to fill their free time (does kids have 'free time' btw?), but when I think about it, I just realised that it's something I actually did for myself. 
I want to be places I want to be most, with the very people I want to spend my time most..but I cant afford to, now.
At the very least, part of me is there..with them..