Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Us

yesterday was the mark of our 3rd year together,
i mean legally hehe..
3 years sounds so.... short.. i feel like i've known him sejak azali lagi
actually we r dating way back since 1995 i guess.. it start off as friend, then become good friend.. then close fren.. we are.. in fact, he's the only male fren that i'm comfortable to be with.
and the fact that he knows me better than myself (sometimes je, not all the times. ;-p )
even though we both had lots of differences, i think that's wat bind us together..
like puzzle set.. each pieces are different, yet they complement each other..

and like last year, we didnt celebrate much..
1st anniversary - holiday at pangkor, then singgah at cameron on the way back
2nd annv - just a piece of my feberet cheesecake at secret recipe, with aisyah. that's the utmost gift ever..
this year - baskin robbin's icecream cake ( i think tak sedap sgt tp boleh lah..) and dinner at vivo the curve. i had carbonara..saje gatai mau try..not bad la but aku muak lak lepas tu.
next year - hope fully we can celebret 3 1/2 of us pulakk..hihi
oh picture tak amik pun sebab kamera tinggai kat keta.. @$%^&*(^*(^

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

tadek keja


ni lah riak wajah anak ku tatkala projek buat kuih berlangsung


I've been tagged by a fren of mine
> what is the meaning of your child's name or why you name your child or sumthing like that

actually back when we'r dating, hubby always like nama Aisyah
and i kinda like it too. mmg both of want to name our first daughter Aisyah.
but when i got pregnant, i thought it'l be a boy. so i only prepare few boy's name
when my doter was born, masing2 blur tatau nk bg nama apa..
up til 3 days we kept calling her 'baby' . bila org dtg melawat dok tanya nama, derang pelik sebab tadek nama lagi hihi.. except one og our uncle ckp ' takpe..nama dia dah ada kat atas.. kat bawah belum sampai lagi tu..'
everyday my hubby will think of a name.. aku lak tak agree..
when aku sajes, dia lak tak suka..
yg we both okay, then parent tak suka..dingdong2 gitu la.. my parent/inlaws siap sms sumer sedara mara minta cadangan..
so on the third day..
hubby as usual, sekali kuar rumah isap rokok, dapat satu nama
bila aku tak agree.. dia kuar isap rokok lagi..cari idea katanya.
he came in with the name 'Aisyah Farhana..
huby tanya ok ka?
aku dah tensen malas nk pikir dah so ok jek..
then he ask ' nak letak nur ke?'
i said 'haah'
so jadilah Nur 'Aisyah Farhana > eventhough initially i wanted to put the Nur in the middle
but tak kisah lah, as long as she has nice name
the meaning?? kalau tak silap, aisyah tu maksudnya yg bahagia, farhana - yg cantik
so i guess it will be ' cahaya bahagia yg cantik' ikiki
right after we pick the name, terus kena jaundice anak aku tu
but she check-in to the hosp proudly wearing her name ekeke
bygkan kalau la tak pilih lagi nama dia..she would be labelled as ' baby' le gamaknye
sekian terima kasih

Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday 18 May 2007

Its Friday again..
now i know why my days seem to fly so fast
because everyday i'm looking forward for friday!

bosan la today
in fact hari2 aku bosan hihi
tu lah.. mak aku ckp
padan la duit asek tak cukup ja.. keja tak ikhlass..
haa ambek sebijik kena batang idung!
but true enough
kalau rezeki tak berkat
gaji 20k pun tak cukup!
ada org gaji ciput, anak 5 6 org, buleh je survive kat kl ni
ada org lain pulak, everytime dok komplen gaji tak cukup jek..

honestly, aku mmg work for money haha..
yet to find tune with my new job here
but.. ntah la
be it the environment (ececeh saja nk cari salah org lain, padahal aku yg MALAS keja) yg cam tak berapa 'bes' membuatkan aku cam tak enjoy my job here.
at first place aku join sebab ofer lebih dr dulu je..hihi
but partly, aku nk beralih angin gak.. masa tu keja kat tempat lama was emm how to say eh..
keja tensen gak because my job mostly setelkan prob yg org lain sesenang wat pastu dump kat my dept..geram sebab these people tak reti2 bahase
but the best thing is my bos was soo nice.. i have total freedom compared to here..
what to say.. every choice in life comes with a price..kan?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mei 2007, 8th day

does the spek looks too big for me eh?
susahnye mau cari spek seswai utk muka ku ini
me suitable only for spek kecik2
and somehow mukaku senget sebelah..
nmpk tak??

everytime try out specs..mesti en ana gelak kat aku..hampehhh
opps ku sudah delete gambar ku
sungguh huduh aku rasa
serta gigi jarangku so la the obvious.. hihihi


im bored

plus i had period pain..

wish i dun have to go to meetg this afternoon
oh today is my mother-inlaw's birthday..
but not in right mood to get her anything

Friday, May 04, 2007

Aisyah's 1st Birthday

aisyah turn 1 on last 4th march. how time i see her n see her growing

but deep inside she will always be my baby.. hmm dulu i wonder how parents always says that

we didnt celebret much.. just a small family reunion, we invited my parent-inlaws and my brother n my friend who also has a daughter, audra who is 3days older than aisyah..hehe so she's the only baby there, until my cousin turn up later with her 4mth-old baby boy.

that red sweater was the gift from uncle madi, the pink lovely shoes from audra, the talking butterfly from mummy and abak.

tok and wan of kos gave her the biggest present - the pushcar and beskal sorong

-whic now are lying inside the store room ekeke..!

saja syok nk tepek gambar

this is when aisyah setat crawling

friday 4/5/2007

eh baru teringat hari ni birthday adik aku laa.. hihi

thats her in the picture.. she's 13 today.
just called her and wish her.that's it. no present.
hmm today is friday.. like usual friday i was barely here.. my mind already home ekeke..
hmm next week is my mother inlaw's birthday, plus mother's day.. adoiilaaa
dunno what to get her..
dunno whter my hubby want to surprise me with mother's day celebration. this is my second year as a mother. last year we didnt celebrate me, just his mother, and a long distance call to my mum. my mum, she really didnt care as long as u remember to call her is good enough.
if i recall, my hubby didnt treat me to anything because we gadoh kot that time hehe.. and i repay him with same treatment on father's day the month after..fair n square right? jimat $$$ aku haha..
actually i dont really give a damn.. be it my birthday or any other day..
well, if i/we want to celebrate, just do it.. now, today..anytime
less pressure i guess, n more spontaneous.