Wednesday, May 28, 2008

went to jusco wangsa maju dengan harapan nk tgk pooh n the geng but cuma tinggai the patung papan saja, so just take picture there
sekali..terkejut aku tgk aisyah siap posing lentuk cam artis! aduhaiii mana belajar ni haa?? nobody ask her to pose, i just ask her to stand over there.

Monday, May 26, 2008

cuti2 mesia part err berapa tah

ok sambungan
after turun dr fraser hill we headed to east, still undecided to go cherating or kontan
but since i've never been to cherating we go there
journey using the lpt was smooth, with few stops at the rnr for toilet breaks and jajan,mostly we bought fruits. i bought 2pc of buah delima wich cost me RM5 each. hmm takpe laa for the sake of baby inside, hopefully he got red lip as red as the delima hehe
we arrived at cherating around 5+pm, scouting for chalet where mostly all places near the beach were full house. there's one room available but with no aircon and tv at $40/night. considering aisyah would not be comfortable i declined. luckily we manage to get room at nearby cherating palm resort, not so good condition but ok la for a night stay je pun.
after check in, we went to beach as aisyah was so eager to swim. she is getting more brave now, even ajak daddy prgi kat tgh2!!
the beach is okay, i like the clear water but i wud prefer the white sandy beach at langkawi.

that night we went touring kemaman town, looking for haipeng coffee shop. a phone call fr my dear old fren make me beg hubby to pay her a visit. glad to see her, not much different from our younger days haha feels old la pulak ckp gitu
glad to see her parents there too.
she even gave me her bean bag right after i ask bout it! ya allahh malu nye akuuu tp since mak dah ajar rezeki jgn di tolak so i accept it with open hands...haha

next morning we head to haipeng for last tercapai gak hajat aku
the coffee was nice, but hubby bit regret he gatai minta cafe au lait because my local kopi tarik taste much better! its full with people,mostly outsider ( i guess) but one thing i puji the patrons were kind enough to quickly vacant their table for next customer, so we dun hv to wait for long. not many were lazying over having their own sweet time, maybe they understand many are standing by waiting for the next empty table.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fraser Hills here we come

it was a long weekend since monday 19/5 is public hols
we kind of 'planning' to go somewhere but dunno where to (buleh??)
among the options : PD, A Famosa Melaka, Fraser's hill(my choice actually), kontan/cerating, Penang
after hard thinking until i almost giveup and decide to stay home, we headed to Kuala Kubu Bharu. yeayyyy my wish is gonna be fulfilled. eventho many people say that its so boring and nothing up there i dun care, at least i want to see it for myself.
since i forgot to draw money fr atm, must look for atm dulu, the one kat rawang petronas station was out of service and the cashier told me i can try my luck at KKB town. after a while we arrived at KKB, a small town we'r not familiar with, where the hell is the town actually. then i remember my fren is the ADO there so gave him a call asking where the bank.
it almost 3pm then, i was rushing since the gate going up is open at even hours, if we miss it have to wait for 5pm. alhamdulillah when we arrive at the Gap, its still open and not so many cars, the driving was smooth except for the car in front of us is leisurely taking its own sweet time. yeah the road is winding but not so terrifying since its a one way traffic.
it feels like hours to reach the peak huhu
yeah its not much to see up there, but im quiter surprises to see many tourist there, i tots its not that popular anymore. mostly singaporean and the bikers group.
since most of the hotels are fully booked, we manage to get a room at the smokehouse. i never imagine i would stay here but rezeki... hehe
since the rate is very expensive (to my pocket) we console ourselves by considering it as our anniv treat, which is due end of this month..ok la tu celebrate in advance kan..
the room.. so romantic..ahaaaa..
the jacuzzi..whic 3 of us had splashing time hehe, aisyah at first takot tgk bubling water
the 'perasan english' girl ekeke

aisyah having her 'concert' at kedai mkn

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

lama nya tak jenguk sini hehe
bizi wehh bizii...
got so much to tell but so litle time so next time le kot hehe

anyway nk tunjuk aisyah's drawing last nite

dia ckp tu mami syolat hahaha

till thenn..tata