Friday, December 18, 2015

Bila Masa dah Time

i always have hard time asking Alliya to perform her solat
always.. bila dah byk kali suruh, of course she will retaliate back.

following external advice, i just let her go
and turn to Allah instead.
everytime solat, never fail i would pray for myself, and everyone to persistently do and continuously improve our solat.
when azan calls, i just invite everyone - Aisyah, Aliya, Umar and Adyra to solat with me, or they can perform their own.
thats it.
i stop pestering all-together.
because, thats what we can do - we can only ask people to do good, but at the end, its Allah who hold their heart and make them.

living with tis now, my world is calmer. i do not try to control the outcome anymore.
because i leave it to Allah's hand.
i can only do my part - teach them, ask them, prepare the environment,
but the end reside at His Mighty Will. insyaAllah i trust him.

normally, when we go out, we will stop at musolla or masjid for solat.
Aisyah will solat with me, while Aliya will always always running around the place, much to my dismay. Adyra will soon followsuit. sometimes they just play together, but her high-pitched voice is disturbing. of course, she'l get from us afterwards.

to my surprise, yesterday i stopped by a musolla, both Aliya and Adyra quickly do their wudhu (oh they always like this part but solat belum tentu!)
so i just let them be..
while putting my veil, i observed my two girls are putting and busy adjusting the adult-sized telekung on each other.. and began taking their place on the prayer mat, and lined the mat for me..
and then they prayed.
that moment, my heart melted..
if i looked at them from an eye of outsider, i would say what a wonderful child they are!

i am too busy to look at them, to genuinely see their wonderfulness.
all the time, i am too busy to make them do what i want i forgot who they are.

thank you my little gems