Monday, May 25, 2015

Ya Hayyuu Ya Qayyum

Mati itu pasti..
Yg tak pasti  ya adalah bila.
Even org yg doktor bg tarikh pun belum gerenti lagi berapa panjang nafas yg ada.
The more I try to understand this, the more I value life, n what I do

Now, seeing the people I love still breathing every morning is a bless and thankful. 
Each morning I kiss them profusely,  no one can tell if we all can survive the day and we'l be having dinner together.

Allah saja yg tahu siapa yg dpt tiket dulu.
AllahusSamad..Lam ya lid Wa lam yulad

Friday, May 15, 2015

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Baby Boiboi

everyone is awed  when looking at the picture-perfect Kate M, nicely dressed, nice hair, nice look leaving the hospital only 2 days after giving birth to her second child..
everything is 'perfect'. almost unreal.
but there she is..she is real.
(and we cant help feelin miserable when looking at ourself huhu)

i think, yes she can, since she HAS to be that.
she might have an army to help her create such look, advise the choice of going-out outfit, when we the normal people only depends on what is there in our hospital bag. double joy if we did remember to pack tinted lipbalm and matching tudung!
and then sometimes, in hurry to leave, we dont care anymore, do we?

and..ahaaa! i manage to take a glimpse of her remaining post-delivery belly. its stil there!
yes she is human afterall!
and looking at her previous delivery with George, i think she made good choice covering up in the waisted blue dress that hides the remaining bump.

but again, only she knows how she must have feel at that moment, the pain that only she can feel.
that very pain every mother who gave natural delivery must have enjoyed.
or if you have a C-sect, i reserve my comment.

we the normal people may not really need to succumb to such pressure to be perfect at all time..
we have the freedom to walk around in mekap-free faces and hideous abaya. who cares anyway.

on different note,
my mom and day was home last week, and my children are super happy spending time with their granparents.
Umar was lying with his grandma when he suddenly checking Maktok's belly, then he asked
"Maktok like to eat vege eh?"
and to keep up..Maktok answered "of course!"

and she got this slapped at her
'No wonder Maktok is fat, thats why i dont eat vege you know..."