Friday, July 31, 2015

Potty potty on the Floor, who is the merriest of All?

Bravo Adyra!
dah berjaya guna potty, siap pegi sendiri hahaha

honestly, training my girls in potty department is quite easy.
or relatively easy.
the trick is i think, to let them decide when they are ready.
rather than 'pushing' them,  this saves me a lot from frustration and desperation. perspiration too!

i started Aisyah at almost 2, you can read here

When Aliya's turn, i had my arms full handling two toddlers. so i cant really focus, plus weekends were spent mostly outside, so training is highly not possible.
so i just leave it to her, but at the same time training her mind to attune to the idea.
i show her how her sister do it, how elmo do it, how everyone do it.
she like to potty but she just not ready to part with her diapers yet.she just dont want.
and nothing, no one can make her. thats my Aliya.
all of sudden, at about 4 i think, she simply dont want diaper anymore, and manage to hold on until we reach toilet. not even need to train to use the potty. potty tu last2 jadi kerusi mainan pulak, its barely been used for the intended purposes!
after a while, when i notieced that she stays dry in the morning, i let her go..
yi haa!, until now, not even an accidents in bed.

and Umar.. *sighhhh
i started him also at about 2, bila dia dah mula bgtau dia nk sheeshee
tapi dia ni leceh sikit sebab tak boleh tahan punya olang, pastu kdg2, eh bukan kadang2, selalu sgt, tak boleh beza rasa nak sheeshee dgn rasa dah shess.. mmg mencabar sungguh
i tried him with many things - potty, training pants, hourly call.. but still he pose quite a challenge.
and sebab mummy pun dah penat nk melayan 3 org, and also at that time my husband had to work after hours a lot, i just cant handle it alone. so i givap.
yes i givap, i put Umar back on diaper so that my life is easier.
and i dont regret doing that.

after a while, when is he more mature and more able to manage himself, i slowly re-introduce potty training. again, my biggest challenge i would say, is time. as working mother, i can only do it during weekend. but weekend too is very limited.
by then Umar already attending school and day-care, and the caretaker actually do help to train him. of course, there are few incidents anak aku kena marah sebab 'terbabas' kat taska.. thats why i dont pressure him much, we just dont know what our kids are facing everyday at the day-care so let them enjoy their day the way they like it.

slowly he manage to go diaper-free at about 4yrs, cuma malam2 stil pakai until now. even now during day time pun still ada accidents. at this age mmg kena marah la.. because at times the accidents were because he is too khusyu' main game or tgk tv!!!
until now he still use diaper at night because we are simply tired to do the laundry.
and im tired to wake up in the middle of night or early morning to drag him to toilet.

here come Adyra.. i only started her at 2+, simply because she does not show the 'readiness'.
but during bathtime i will ask her if she want to use potty.
when she finally did, i just asked her if she want to go free for the day and she said Yes!
i would asked her every hour if she need to go. lucky enough no major accidents except for normal ones in front of the bathroom door. even that only happen sekali dua je.
in less than a month i can bring her out diaper-free, we even travel back to Kedah without any leakage!
cuma like umar they both still use diaper at night.
i'l give them another year for that.

for those mothers looking to potty train, again the most important thing is to :
1. asses the readiness.
its not just your child's readiness, but also you!
children should be able to tell you that they need to, manage to hold on for a while until you reach the toilet.
you know your child, and you know yourself. kalau masih rasa malas nk monitor anak, nk drag and waited for them in the toilet, might as well dont. because you wont do it whole-heartedly. you might end-up abusing, hurting your kids for making you work extra. this is honest opinion from a lazy mom.
2. communicate
mother should know how your children will communicate these to you,. both should be able to discuss this - what she want, if she like it, if she want to do it, what is the motivation, what troubles her etc

3. Patience
another key word - dont push. the time will come
but if they're already 5 and still on diaper, i advise you to start now. we dont wat them to still use diaper when they go to school.
because, if i, i would prefer to train my children myself, i dont know how 'persistent' or how is the regime will be used for my kid behind me.
dont really fall under other's comment about our children. lantak la bukan diorang yg belikan diaper anak aku pon. i mean, we know our child more that them. lojik la mana ada mak nk biar anak dia pakai lampin sampai tua kalau sihat walafiat

ok good luck Mommies!

Al-Mu'minum 115-116


ALhamdulillah sgt2..

hidup ni, walau byk pasang surut, (erk surut yg kerap kot hehe) sebenarnya byk 'pasang'nya
kalau kita menilai dgn hati, dan matawang akhirat.
kalau ikut ukuran dunia ni je, sokmo kita nmpk redup je.
takpe, apa2pun aku percaya Allah tu Maha Adil, Ar-Rahman lagi ArRahim,
takkan dia biarkan kita dgn sesuatu yg sia2

"maka adakah kamu mengira bahawa Kami mencipta kamu dengan main-main (tiada maksud) dan kamu tidak akan dikembalikan kepada Kami?
Maha Tinggi Allah, Raja yang sebenar-benarnya, tiada tuhan yang berhak disembah selain Dia, Tuhan yang memiliki Arasy yang mulia" - Al-Mukminun (23) 115-116

life as life will go on
its not much about the end result, but the efforts that will carry more merit.

Allah sekali-kali tidak mengujimu dengan ujian yang tidak mampu kau tanggung.

Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar.