Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Another year has passed,
when it finally come to my senses.. what have i done during this 365 days, 52 weeks?!
what have i become? did it make me a better person than before?
hmm.. maybe its time to revisit my 2007 resolution hehe

'tahunn 2007 aku target tukar kete, pastu nk beli rumah. hopefully by mac finance stabil sikit boleh la kot.
oh aku azam nk simpan duit kat tabung haji, nk buka akaun simpanan utk aisyah, and beli insurans utk dia.
oh aku berazam nk kontrol sora bila ckp dgn somiku.. harap2 aku buleh ckp dgn lemahlembut, cam pompuan ayu.. tak kira la tgh gaduh ke sakit ati ke.. hmm this one is tough!

guess i only manage to accomplish 1 out of 4!! err that no 5 tu i dunno la how i rate myself ekeke. if ask my hubby sure he said i can do better!
yes i did manage to buy new car to accomodate my growing family (which there are times i think not big enough for 3 of us hehe.. now stil thinking to buy mpv or 7 seater sumthing..)
the rest? hmm stil in progres haha
so i'l make it my priority this year to:
1. open a tabung haji account (PLEASE DO SO!!)
2. buy education insurans for aisyah
3. put her money in separate account (*sigh*)

this morning tanya hubby what's his resolution. his is simply to be a better person, better husband to me..auwww sweetnye dengar haha!
and he ask me to wake up earlier, make breakfast for him etc etc..ouchhh!
hmm.. wake up early is good so that i can have more time for my morning prayer,as it is the best time to pray and doa'. but making breakfast?? dunno la.. sometimes i dun like cooking because he will not eat pun! esp in the morning.. i said 'just drink your vitagen, it good for digestion, and u have to wait for sometimes till take another meal' hehe.. thank you vitagen!
but nevertheless, i will do my best to be a dutiful wife and mother
and yeah, this year, (albeit the year of the rat) we want to have another baby hihi
hmm.. what else ha..
oh yes -> buy a house
actually we are stil thinking over, and not come nera to any conclusion yet. many has advised me to wait since it is expected to be a recession in near future (*sigh) which homebuyer might benefit. well, lets see how. my shorlisted property wuold be:
1. 2 stry link at alam budiman (looveeeee the design and layout!)
2. 1-stry bungalow at emerald rawang (where else in kl u can buy bungalow at this price!)
3. 2-stry link at putra heights (location, and future value apreciation)
but hb said they are so far far away!.. of course la.. how can u expect to buy a link right in the middle of the city that fit our budget! even a single stry in keramt can fetch 200k++++

im making a grand entrace to the new year 2008 with a promotion!
im so grateful and thankful to the Great Allah for the rizq he has given me, eventho i havent been a good servant all this time. hope it gonna make me a better person, not a err.. forget the word la pulak.. you know, when Allah actually given you good thing when you forgot HIM, either to make you realize it, or make you further hanyut,, nauzubillah.
well, it could be a test, test of courage, patience, knowledge, time management and all
and i do really hope i can pass the test. wish me luck!
so i add another resolution : MAY I BE ABLE TO PERFORM MY PRAYER AT
REQUIRED TIME! (no more praying at last minutes okay!)