Friday, July 30, 2010

kiss me goodnite

mlm tadi
TB were kissing his three princesses goodnite
and aisyah suddenly giggled and said
' awat abak kiss mummy?'
'mummy cinta abak eehhhh...?'
to which i replied
'mesti laaaa..'
'ari tu kan, aisyah tgk abak pengantin dgn mummy.. eii tak maluuu!'
'dah pengantin takpe la.. kenapa nk malu?? kalau tak pengantin tak boleh kiss tau, berdosa!'
'ala mummy pengantin dgn abak haritu la.. hari ni dah tak pengantin dah.. mana boleh cinta?? ha??'

Thursday, July 29, 2010

kenapa tangan ku 2 aje?

so many things to do
so little time
with only 2 arms, 2 eyes and 1 not-so brainy brain
add 2 toddlers, sick some more
1 sick husband
1 sick head

what much can i do?

at times like this
when we'l most prolly pray that we'r blessed with 10 hands

u think 10 hands can help aa?
buat nyemak je i tell ya
dua ni dah cukup dah
unless those hands are stretchy enough to reach all over the house
but stil they'l need some eye partner to guide them to do things
do you really want another 9 sets of eyes???

now i know why God only give us 2 hands ( i guess, partly..)

having optimum resources means that we'l need to plan well
and not to rush things
to concentrate, so that we can take time to do things at our best

not to mention how hideous we must look with more than 2 hands!


Monday, July 26, 2010

my food diary

8.30 am  : kueytiau goreng hospital (ye.. aisyah punya)
                milo secawan

12.30 pm : kopi ais, di ikuti rojak mamak (mujur tak sambung dgn cendol.. kalau tak haross meletup perut)
                 sementara tunggu speketi dan sup cendawan, dihidang dgn pepsi segelas.
                ye.. habis segelas diminum padahal beru je lepas mengisi kopi segelas juga
               mau tak mcm belon kalau dah 2 gelas air bertakung di dalamnye..

1.30 pm : cilok roti bwg putih TB, 1/2 potong je..
2.00 pm : alohh kesiannya tgk nasi spital. lauk tak menarik, sup ikan jek. tapi kesian kan nnt nasi
               tu menangis.. so makan le sikit.. ye sikit je, tak abis pon. tak caya tanya TB

4.00 pm : sambung makan 2 potong buah tembikai, tadi tak berani nk makn lepas makan nasi. gilo kau
               mau cekang perut tang situ jugakk!

4.45pm : tok tok! minum ptg ye cik.. loh.. cekodok je?
          sambung abiskan roti bwg putih dan sup sambil buat milo. kasi panas sikit.. lambat sikit buleh minum

         sedap gak tam tam ni eh..

rezeki malam ini belum tau

jgn di salah kan seorang perempuan ini kerana wanita mengandung mmg perlu lebih kalori.
bila keja sendiri dah sedia byk
and you undertook some 'challenge' to take care of other things out of your job scope
whic the result is sooo predictable :
the easiest way is to 'delegate' them lah kan.. esp keja hakiki kau tu kan
konon work smart la sgt..
then.. ni lah masa nk ckp pasai teamwork sume kan..

tell me
is that so??
esp if it come from someone yg dok la pong prang pong prang about good management bagai..
i only have one word - bullshit!!!

ckp je la kau tu ada management problem..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Liar liar

anybody ever say that u're not good enough?
or you'r never be able to do it?
dont trust them
because its all are liess..
especially if it came from your worst enemy - your self!

Donald Trump has once said
'i may have everything, but im not happy
and i dun understand why so many people so want to be me..!'

why are we not happy?

because we dont appreciate what we have right now
we keep looking at other people
and compare (or shud i say 'assume'?)
and start thinking
' i would be happier if i can drive car like  that'
' her/his spouse are sooo understanding and romantic and purrfecttt.. unlike me, he/she must be so happy'
' they must be happy because they dont have problems to think of'

there's a story i want to share
one day, a rich man driving along a kampung in his luxury car, his wife and son along, passed by a poor villageman carrying some fish he just got from the nearby river.
the villageman said longingly at them
'he is so rich, with beautiful wife and only 1 child.. life must be happier for him. while i dun have any car, and my 6 children waiting, there's nothing much for me.. everyday eat this fish..."

but the rich man said to himself
'how i envy him.. no business problem to worries, he must have many children to cheer the family while i only have one.. and the fishes..aahh buat gulai lemak mesti sedapp.. hmm my wife will never cook for me..'

see what i mean?

stop thinking what u dont have
but focus on what u have now
use it to the max
enjoy it
life is too short to waste on some bad dreaming
life is too precious to waste on some empty complaints

come on..
how many people must tell you this until u believe it!!!

fren will be fren

how far u'd go for a dear fren?
i know most of us will do (almost) anything to someone so dear to them
whenever our good fren in trouble, we'l feel for them too.. right?
but if, they want to do something stupid not good, wud you let them be?
just because you know, somehow, it'l help to ease them
would you?

ok now, when your still in your rationale state of mind, i know u'd say No
but when the testing time actually come, how many can say no?
sometimes, we'r so kesian to them, we'l just unwillingly give in
we just simply cant stand to see them in such pain.. or whatever

so to my dear fren (u know who you area)
let say one day u'r lying on your deathbed
depending only on the life support machine
and the doctor are asking me it its ok for them to switch you off,
i'l will told him Yes

if you asked me for a rope
and i know it for sure you'r going to hang yourself
the answer is NO!
get it from someone else
or terjun je la sorg2...

*note: this is not the version i previously had in mind.. bila tulis je mulalah jadi citer lain..lebih kurang halal lah ye..

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bila Malam Bulan Mengambang

terima kasih byk kepada yg dtg melawat kami

nmpk gaya mummy yg bakal bertambah sehat
apa tak nye, semua org bawa menda makan
nasi, biskut, roti , coklat, kek, spegeti bagaiii
tp byk mana sgt la org sakit tu nk  makan kan..
mummy org sakit itu pulak tak sampai ati tgk mereka2 itu terbazir..

semlm aisyah dah baik sikit
demam dah turun
tp lepas tgh mlm je dia mula merengek
bukan calang2 merengek pulak tuu..
satu floor buleh dengar!
ku tanya kenapa dia tak ckp
check kepala, badan takde la panas sgt
tp batuk dia kembali menyerang
agaknya tu kot dia tak selesa nk tido
semua pun tak nak
ku tmbah simut dia taknak
ku tepuk3 baru tenang sikit
tp nk jadi citer perut ku pulak krem.. aduhaiii
nk bgn pun sakit
terpaksa panggil cik misi tengokkan
lepas pakaikan gas and masukkan ubat demam baru dia okay sikit
almost 4 baru kami 2 org boleh tido
sedar2 dah dekat kul 8.. elok ku sarung tudung dr pun sampai..
lepas sesi beramahtamah dgn dr, ku sambung tido
aisyah pun elok je lena sampai TB sampai tadi..

Friday, July 23, 2010


bersiaran dari spital room
while waiting for next neb
nasib adikku bagi pinjam wimax dia, sebab sini takdak wifi free, brodben pulak lembabsssssss

di pendekkan citer
aisyah was warded last nite
sebab demam tak kebah2 dari hari selasa
blood test and x-ray tells that she had some bronchitis infection
hari ni alhamdulillah demam dah turun skit
and last time amik temp dah turun ke 37+ sikit
esok nk kena monitor lagi cemana, esp now she's put on antibiotic on drip
nmpk gaya mmg beberapa hari ini saya akan berumahtangga di sini sj lah ye..

last time aisyah  warded was when i was pregnant with aliya
demam teruk gak, 3 4 hari gak dok spital
coinidently (kah?) pregnant kali ni pun dia demam lagi?
alhamdulillah jugak aliya is so cooll..
even nk balik tadi selamba dia kiss kiss and lambai2 mummy
too bad single bed room is stil full and im stil on the waiting list
if not rasa macam nk hangkut semua org dok sini ja
but knowing aliya.. huhuhu
tadi pun satu spital dah di tawafnye
panjat sini sana.. mmg tak reti dok diam

oh tadi ada amik gambaq beria tp takde kabel nk upload hehe

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alhamdulillah Rezeki Allahh..

when most people wud shun their parents (and especially their inlaws!) from their net lives.. FB, blog whatever..
i, quite on the contrary, wud be thankful having them in the virtual world!
i got to know things that they might not be telling me directly
i got to read their fb status and had some ideas if they'r feeling blue.. or  rejoice whenever they have good news
and of course they got to know mine too..
we can be at each other instantly
sort things out right there and then


paling penting

balik rumah semlm tgk2 sebesen dokong menunggu ku di atas meja...
sonyum lebor ahkak..!!
manis2 lak tu..
( ni motip entri sebenarnye hahaha)

tengkiu mak & abak!!
*hugs n kissess***

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

oh not another food entry!!

yes pleasee... heheh

tetiba terjenguk entry ini (thanks mister, give me somthing to write about)
daku dan entry makan2 mmg tidak boleh terpisahkan
tambah pulak ada gambar makanan yg sungguh cantik dan menggiurkan urat nadi

i've been to fraser hill
like 2 years ago, eh Mr TB?
but didnt quite have the chance to sample the 'devonshaireee tea and the famous scowwne' (sila sebut dgn intonasi ala enlglish pencen ya, kalau tak, tak menjadi)
Tb kata 'tahapa2 and overly priced' takat nk makan roti sapu stoberi jem dan minum teh o kat rumah pun buleh..
 ye laaa
i've tried few scones here at the city but not really fancy it
sebab they dunt serve it with the clotted creme like the one kat rumah asap terbakar si tua ituu..

and the 'rarebit' (what the hell of rare that bit??)
looks easy to made
so next mission :- mencari beef bacon slices,
weekend ini boleh buat roti bakar berlauk bacon dan cheese.. yummy!!

small small fire chilli

ok, mesti dah ramai yg dok buat review pasai kecik kecik comey lote ni kan
i got to know about it from a fren who happen to know from hanis's blog - udah reader dia pun ramai kan its sure  add a blast to help promote this little cafe.

few weeks ago i went along
practically dragging my husband, and few other siblings under the pretense of 'just o grab some snacks'
cari punya cari.. loheii.. kecik je kedainya..

*gambar courtesy dari blog baby
its quite pack - i've been told by the lady behind the cashier 'biasa la weekend..'
there's just not enough space for us to lounging around so i quickly jump into the line - there's quite a line just to grab the macaroons!
i was eyeing the rose-tinted ones, but the lady in front of me has swept it all and we'r left with chocolate and those bright turqoise and green and yellow and red ones
i was so tempting to take them all!! but can only buy 20 since they'r offering 20 pcs @RM18
lagi pun this is my first time kan, tayah la tamak..rasa je la dulu
aisyah awal2 lagi dah request nk yg merah, she thot its stoberi, only i was told later its lychee flavored
the macaroons a bit small, kira sekali masuk mulut je hehe
but, i kan perempuan melayu terakhir, must la makan dgn lemah lembut
i actually have them bits by bits.. errmmm.. just to endure the lightness, at the same time its crispiness and took in their sweetness
yess its too sweet for some
but that's macaroon is all about, right? a super sweet snacks
while qeuing at the cashier, sempat ku jeling2 kat the things laid in front of me - the red velvet cake, carrot cake, pecan somethings..  duhhh... got to try them all
later, maybe..
i guess its much a family business,
just a nice and comel family-run cafe
it'd be better if they can have an outdoor sitting area, u know, i'l always enjoy sitting on air, sipping my coffee

so, later, we head to the loaf for our pick of coffee and cheese cakes.. and roti

dia datang..

ok mood mengidam sudah maii..

mari kita lihat senarai calon2 nya...

1. tetiba kuar lif pg tadi teringat kat buah dokong, atau langsat yg besar2 tu atau duku langsat atau mana2 spisis yg sebangsa dgnnya.
oh kena tepon mak nah, konpemkan dusun kat kg pun dah ada buah ke tak

2. red velvet, piza dan segala jenis bangsa pastri dan kek2 kat the whisk. hari tu terai mekerun dia jek. eh didi i blog about this before?

oh, terlupa pulak sepatutnya mengidam hasil belanja org income tax yg dpt bonus ituuu.. hahaha

so org income tax - sudikah membelanja saya kat kedai comei di empire itu?

oh lupa,
org income tax tidak membaca blog saya ini

Thursday, July 15, 2010

can i hepp you?????

adoi laaaa
ku rasa aku semakin gumuk
feels like i grow bigger at an hourly rate!
kalau amik pandangan sisi mak aiii.. sama tebai dgn peti ais dah ni..
last pregancies ppl kept telling me alahaii kecit je perut.. sampai la masuk labor room
but this time, well, stil its quite small for 30w pregnancy, esp if compared to those yg mmg semulajadi kalau pregnant sokmo perut dan tempat2 strategik yg lain sama je tahap tumbesarannya

this time too..
ku rasa mengah ya amattt
tadi, masa tadah muka kat shower pun ku buleh rasa cam nk lemas gituu!
bila berjln rasa cam perut ke depan
kalau masuk rat race konfem ku menang sebab perut sampai dulu

as much as im enjoying being pregnant
i dreaded having these extras!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

auww.. chantek kah saya?

bila baca entry ni rasa cam 'oh boleh la ku cilok' haha
jgn maraa aaa makcik baby yg comey sentiasa
tak mekap pun dah comey dahhh
kalau tacap laaaaaagiiiii comeyyy.. hihi

as for myself (tetiba feeling nk speking kan..)
tgk angin la
kalau hari tu tetiba angin kus2 nk melaram boleh la
tp selalunya jaranggg.. jarangggg.....
abih terer pun pakai bedak lebih sikit masa ada hal, mcm pegi kenduri, atau di hari raya yg mulia
oh tapinya lepas balik mesjid ler.. takkan nk pi sembahyang raya berlipstik merah ang ang
eh aku penah la tgk ada makcik ni pi solat raya berlipstik tebai you... dah la masuk tivi siaran langsung
abis sekampung aku dok pelik (read: mengumpat kah itu?) kat dia..

akak pun bukan reti mekap sgt
kat sekolah dulu sabjek lukisan pun jarang dpt A, so adalah agak gagal bab nk wat shading ke hape
so akak pakai yg basic2 je la
pakai bedak 2-way tu, sori ye bedak debu ku tak pass lagi,
pastu pakai eyeshadow pun satu kaler jek, sebab tak reti nk blend
mata gwe pun jenis pelik skit, dia kena ada spesel cara nk blend, if not mata ku nmpk sepet satu macamm  <-- ni cikgu sekolah yg mekapkan gwe masa masuk koir dulu yg ckp, so sila percaya ye
pastu pakai eyeliner - pastinya yg pensel ajerk.. tak berani lagi nk pakai yg liquid
blusher pun tak reti, so ku pakai bronzer ajek.. ececehhh dah pandai bronzer bronzer yeuwwww... hahaha
ye ke bronzer tu? ala yg clinique punya yg cam blusher bunga2 tuu.. apa ke namanya tah
kalau tak dak gangguan, akak  pakai bedak bintang, konon kasi muka bercahaya la
kalau org tanya karang akak ckp ler akak amik air semayang je...
tp selalu pagi2 pi keja tak sempat la, sebab budak aisyah akan tercongok kat tepi
haruss bocor rosia ada bedak tu.. esok2 tgk dah bersepai
so kena hush-hush, time depa 2 bizi baru buleh nk lelebih
oh lepas tu akak pakai maskara, sikit je sebab karang dok la risau mata ku jadi panda ke apa..
dedulu akak malas nk cat muka kalau pi ofis,
sebab malas nk cuci
tp now dah ada org wakaf segala mak nenet cleanser la bagai, so apa lagiii..
lepas solat pakat2 menerai mekap hang aku pulakk..
kiranya akak dah ada residen mekap artis ler gituu.. hahaha

TB tak suka sgt akak mekap
ke sebenarnya dia suka, makna kata dia tak suka sebab bila akak mekap cantik2 nnt org lain tgk akak pulak haha
kan sayang kan?
akak tau, dia mesti jawab ' i taknak you berdosa, ai pun tanggung sama!'
sama la cam cik abg makcik baby, TB suka tgk mekap masa ku kawen je..
hari lain pasaipa tah..
dulu2 masa kapel2 dia pun tak suka, siap suruh ku pi cuci muka dan dan tu gak tu!!!

sebenornye kan, akak lagi suka jaga kulit muka dari sebok2 nk bubuh kaler
ala2 natural gitu lah kononnyaa
(ngaku je la nko pemalassss..)
bukan apa, bila kulit dah cantik, gelow melow gitu, tayah susah nk tepek apa2 nk tutup
selamba je kuar tayah pakai bedak tebai
kanke senang idup begitu?
like i said, i'l always prefer to splurge on good skincare product

tp now dah gatei pulak nk amik kurtsus melukis muka ni haha

speking of mekap
korang tau dak, bbcmi wat sale esok and jumaat ni!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

apa??? entry malas

i dpt award??

alalaaaaa.......segan la aiii (ala2 lentik akak senduks gituewww)
(berlakon poyo buleh?? wakakaka)

tiada idea nk blog sebenarnya
dah memandangkan ahkak nurul sudah bersusah payah mencalonkan akak sebagai penerima award,
maka dgn muka setalam ini akak terima lah ye..
terima kasih kepada akak nurul yg cantik manis,
betull.. kulit dia cantik u olsssss... (kata kena puji org yg bagi ni kann..)
pastu.. pastu dia ni kan taste very the buleh pakai punya la
itu pasal agak serik utk bersoping dgn dia lagi hahaha
dia pandai pilih kasut!!!!
tapi kan nurul, kasut hari tu mcm dah mengecik pulak (eceh tak ngaku kaki ku yg mengembang sebenonye)
so i pakai masa duduk2 dlm keta je la..
turun jalan terus saruk slipar ku juaa..
lagi, cik puan nurul ni pandai pakai tudung lilit2
oh dia juga dah ada 2 anak dara yg cantik manis, tp menten macam org baru kawin je..
paling penting, kaki kami sama saiz.. hahaha (apakah ilusinya di sittuh nokk???)

ok meh  tgk award apa dia kasi kat aku nih..


yo la tuh..

hmm sapa aku nk kasi lak ni..
ramai la pulak sampai seploh org

ok, to cut short,
award ni dengan segala hormatnya ku berikan kepada semua folower gua..
haha ada 18 jek tu, dah lebih
tp tak kisahla.. amik ler,..

cam biasa syarat2 dia adalah
1. kena puji blog org yg bagi ni hehe.. kasi up lebey2 skit yaa!
2. beri kepada seploh org yg anda paling berkenan.


Monday, July 12, 2010

5 Perkara Yang Kita Mahukan

lima perkara semua kita mahukannya dan kita usaha utk mendapatkannya

1: wajah yang cantik

2: duit yang banyak

3: kesihatan yang baik

4: anak2 yg cerdik dan berjaya macam kita

5: tidur yang nenyak tanpa ganguan

senang jer untuk mendapatkannya
hanya 15minit setiap hari.

kata nabi saw

siapa yang tinggalkan solat subuh tiadalah padanya nur di wajahnya

siapa yang tinggalkan solat zohor tiadalah padanya rezki yang berkat

barang siapa yang tinggalkan solat asar tiadalah padanya kekuatan badan,

siapa yang tinggalkan solat maghrib tiadalah padanya anak2 yg bermanfaat

barangsiapa yang tinggalkan solat isyak tiadalah padanya tidur yang nyenyak

sampaikanlah daripada nabi saw itu walaupun satu ayat

Updates - 29 week WHAT????!!!!!

the sticker is telling me im already at my 29 week, and some days
another 72 days to go..
oh oh..!

wpun ini kali ke  4
stil.. im scared okayyy!!

this time ie very teruk la
i havent quite readied my self.. and the household
not really preparing me and baby both mentally and spiritually
lack of nutritions and also, the soulfood..

oitttt semlm aku dah tulis kemain panjang
sekali yg lekat ni jek???


ahh lenkali je la tulis ye
tak koserrrrrrr nk rewind

Friday, July 09, 2010

bukan salah ibu mengandung

kdg kadang

(ye kdg2 je..)
rasa serba salah
nak ckp ke tak
kalau cakap
kang sendiri sakit hati
pastu, tak pun ada rasa bersalah pun ada gak

tak cakap pun..
sendiri makan hati

org kata
kalau ditelan mati mak
diluah mati bapak
sila kulum je la.. lama2 habis le
aiii... kalau sedap tak pe la gak kan..
ni, kalau kelat haa redho ke nk simpan?
chewing gam pun lama2 pahit okayyy...!

Mirror mirror on the wall..

makhluk2 pompuan kat ofis ku now gigih mencantikkan diri
pakat2 la menerai BB krim la.. simplisiti laa..

tp disebabkan leces nk kena buka cuci  bila nak solat
makanya sesi kecantikan dan makeover hanya boleh bermula samada
- pagi2 touch down je terus tenyeh mekap

- selepas waktu zohor

atau, habih malas (ni kes junida dan aku la ni)
lepas asar..

ok la tu
at least cantik2 sebelum balik rumah utk somi kan.. haha

paling penting
now baru semangat nk solat awai!!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

ooo...baru tau!

baru hari ini tetiba terasa nk chekidaut beberapa blog yg ada berbaris kat reading list kengkawan
bila tgk ramai pulak yg put them in their list, got me thinking - eh best sgt ke eh?

bila baca, belek2 gambaq eh ok la jugak
at least some got gud pictures.. gud sense of humor

but one thing ku notis

sungguh obvious

many of them ( ok, 2 org je, sebab aku baru baca 2 org ni punya blog hehe)

our birthdays are notably close to each other
so betul la eh
great minds think alike.. aiceh!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

dari kerana mata..

berbekal kan perut yg penuh

berselebung dlm telekung

dalam kedinginan ekon

berlapikkan sejadah..

ku panjatkan doa...

sambil mata ku pejam rapat

penuh harapan..





malehnya lahaii nak buka kontek lens..

aahh belasah je la tido!!

Monday, July 05, 2010

mermaid or whale??

good reading eh?!!

Recently, in a large city in Australia ,

a poster featuring a young, thin and tan woman appeared in the window of a gym.

It said, "This summer,

do you want to be a mermaid or a whale?"

A middle-aged woman,

whose physical characteristics did not match those of the woman on the poster,

responded publicly to the question

posed by the gym.

To Whom It May Concern,

Whales are always surrounded by friends (dolphins, sea lions, curious humans.)

They have an active sex life,

get pregnant and have adorable baby whales.

They have a wonderful time with dolphins stuffing themselves with shrimp.

They play and swim in the seas,

seeing wonderful places like Patagonia ,

the Bering Sea

and the coral reefs of Polynesia .

Whales are wonderful singers

and have even recorded CDs.

They are incredible creatures

and virtually have no predators

other than humans.

They are loved, protected and admired

by almost everyone in the world.

Mermaids don't exist.

If they did exist,

they would be lining up outside the offices

of Argentinean psychoanalysts

due to identity crisis. Fish or human?

They don't have a sex life

because they kill men who get close to them, not to mention how could they have sex?

Just look at them ... where is IT?

Therefore, they don't have kids either.

Not to mention,

who wants to get close to a girl who smells

like a fish store?

The choice is perfectly clear to me:

I want to be a whale.

P..S. We are in an age

when media puts into our heads

the idea that only skinny people are beautiful, but I prefer to enjoy an ice cream with my kids, a good dinner with a man who makes me shiver, and a piece of chocolate with my friends.

With time, we gain weight

because we accumulate so much information and wisdom in our heads

that when there is no more room,

it distributes out to the rest of our bodies.

So we aren't heavy,

we are enormously cultured,

educated and happy.

Beginning today,

when I look at my butt in the mirror I will think, ¨Good grief, look how smart I am!¨

Thursday, July 01, 2010

ku tahuu...

tak, not ezekli..

aku baru tau.. sebenarnya

ada 40 hari je lagi nk ramadhan..

ye.. aku ngaku

aku tak hapal kalender jawii...