Friday, December 18, 2015

Bila Masa dah Time

i always have hard time asking Alliya to perform her solat
always.. bila dah byk kali suruh, of course she will retaliate back.

following external advice, i just let her go
and turn to Allah instead.
everytime solat, never fail i would pray for myself, and everyone to persistently do and continuously improve our solat.
when azan calls, i just invite everyone - Aisyah, Aliya, Umar and Adyra to solat with me, or they can perform their own.
thats it.
i stop pestering all-together.
because, thats what we can do - we can only ask people to do good, but at the end, its Allah who hold their heart and make them.

living with tis now, my world is calmer. i do not try to control the outcome anymore.
because i leave it to Allah's hand.
i can only do my part - teach them, ask them, prepare the environment,
but the end reside at His Mighty Will. insyaAllah i trust him.

normally, when we go out, we will stop at musolla or masjid for solat.
Aisyah will solat with me, while Aliya will always always running around the place, much to my dismay. Adyra will soon followsuit. sometimes they just play together, but her high-pitched voice is disturbing. of course, she'l get from us afterwards.

to my surprise, yesterday i stopped by a musolla, both Aliya and Adyra quickly do their wudhu (oh they always like this part but solat belum tentu!)
so i just let them be..
while putting my veil, i observed my two girls are putting and busy adjusting the adult-sized telekung on each other.. and began taking their place on the prayer mat, and lined the mat for me..
and then they prayed.
that moment, my heart melted..
if i looked at them from an eye of outsider, i would say what a wonderful child they are!

i am too busy to look at them, to genuinely see their wonderfulness.
all the time, i am too busy to make them do what i want i forgot who they are.

thank you my little gems

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

ada orang nk datang ke?

di suatu petang hujung minggu

'Anak anak....!
jom kemas rumah..!

Tok mama nk datang ke??

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ikal mayang

suatu petang yang bening
overheard anak2 kecik bercakap berdua

Adyra : Umar..tau tak org rambut panjang tu cerdik tauuu!
sambil urut2 rambut dia yg panjang ikal mayang. dengan muka mcm bagus

percubaan nk buat abang sakit hati ler tuh!

tgk.. mummy pun rambut panjang.. mummy kan cerdik!

dan pantas juga Umar menjawab
"habih..abak tu bodoh ke??ha??
tak kan?"

panas je telinga abak hang

hahahahaha larikkkkkkk

Friday, July 31, 2015

Potty potty on the Floor, who is the merriest of All?

Bravo Adyra!
dah berjaya guna potty, siap pegi sendiri hahaha

honestly, training my girls in potty department is quite easy.
or relatively easy.
the trick is i think, to let them decide when they are ready.
rather than 'pushing' them,  this saves me a lot from frustration and desperation. perspiration too!

i started Aisyah at almost 2, you can read here

When Aliya's turn, i had my arms full handling two toddlers. so i cant really focus, plus weekends were spent mostly outside, so training is highly not possible.
so i just leave it to her, but at the same time training her mind to attune to the idea.
i show her how her sister do it, how elmo do it, how everyone do it.
she like to potty but she just not ready to part with her diapers yet.she just dont want.
and nothing, no one can make her. thats my Aliya.
all of sudden, at about 4 i think, she simply dont want diaper anymore, and manage to hold on until we reach toilet. not even need to train to use the potty. potty tu last2 jadi kerusi mainan pulak, its barely been used for the intended purposes!
after a while, when i notieced that she stays dry in the morning, i let her go..
yi haa!, until now, not even an accidents in bed.

and Umar.. *sighhhh
i started him also at about 2, bila dia dah mula bgtau dia nk sheeshee
tapi dia ni leceh sikit sebab tak boleh tahan punya olang, pastu kdg2, eh bukan kadang2, selalu sgt, tak boleh beza rasa nak sheeshee dgn rasa dah shess.. mmg mencabar sungguh
i tried him with many things - potty, training pants, hourly call.. but still he pose quite a challenge.
and sebab mummy pun dah penat nk melayan 3 org, and also at that time my husband had to work after hours a lot, i just cant handle it alone. so i givap.
yes i givap, i put Umar back on diaper so that my life is easier.
and i dont regret doing that.

after a while, when is he more mature and more able to manage himself, i slowly re-introduce potty training. again, my biggest challenge i would say, is time. as working mother, i can only do it during weekend. but weekend too is very limited.
by then Umar already attending school and day-care, and the caretaker actually do help to train him. of course, there are few incidents anak aku kena marah sebab 'terbabas' kat taska.. thats why i dont pressure him much, we just dont know what our kids are facing everyday at the day-care so let them enjoy their day the way they like it.

slowly he manage to go diaper-free at about 4yrs, cuma malam2 stil pakai until now. even now during day time pun still ada accidents. at this age mmg kena marah la.. because at times the accidents were because he is too khusyu' main game or tgk tv!!!
until now he still use diaper at night because we are simply tired to do the laundry.
and im tired to wake up in the middle of night or early morning to drag him to toilet.

here come Adyra.. i only started her at 2+, simply because she does not show the 'readiness'.
but during bathtime i will ask her if she want to use potty.
when she finally did, i just asked her if she want to go free for the day and she said Yes!
i would asked her every hour if she need to go. lucky enough no major accidents except for normal ones in front of the bathroom door. even that only happen sekali dua je.
in less than a month i can bring her out diaper-free, we even travel back to Kedah without any leakage!
cuma like umar they both still use diaper at night.
i'l give them another year for that.

for those mothers looking to potty train, again the most important thing is to :
1. asses the readiness.
its not just your child's readiness, but also you!
children should be able to tell you that they need to, manage to hold on for a while until you reach the toilet.
you know your child, and you know yourself. kalau masih rasa malas nk monitor anak, nk drag and waited for them in the toilet, might as well dont. because you wont do it whole-heartedly. you might end-up abusing, hurting your kids for making you work extra. this is honest opinion from a lazy mom.
2. communicate
mother should know how your children will communicate these to you,. both should be able to discuss this - what she want, if she like it, if she want to do it, what is the motivation, what troubles her etc

3. Patience
another key word - dont push. the time will come
but if they're already 5 and still on diaper, i advise you to start now. we dont wat them to still use diaper when they go to school.
because, if i, i would prefer to train my children myself, i dont know how 'persistent' or how is the regime will be used for my kid behind me.
dont really fall under other's comment about our children. lantak la bukan diorang yg belikan diaper anak aku pon. i mean, we know our child more that them. lojik la mana ada mak nk biar anak dia pakai lampin sampai tua kalau sihat walafiat

ok good luck Mommies!

Al-Mu'minum 115-116


ALhamdulillah sgt2..

hidup ni, walau byk pasang surut, (erk surut yg kerap kot hehe) sebenarnya byk 'pasang'nya
kalau kita menilai dgn hati, dan matawang akhirat.
kalau ikut ukuran dunia ni je, sokmo kita nmpk redup je.
takpe, apa2pun aku percaya Allah tu Maha Adil, Ar-Rahman lagi ArRahim,
takkan dia biarkan kita dgn sesuatu yg sia2

"maka adakah kamu mengira bahawa Kami mencipta kamu dengan main-main (tiada maksud) dan kamu tidak akan dikembalikan kepada Kami?
Maha Tinggi Allah, Raja yang sebenar-benarnya, tiada tuhan yang berhak disembah selain Dia, Tuhan yang memiliki Arasy yang mulia" - Al-Mukminun (23) 115-116

life as life will go on
its not much about the end result, but the efforts that will carry more merit.

Allah sekali-kali tidak mengujimu dengan ujian yang tidak mampu kau tanggung.

Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Ya Hayyuu Ya Qayyum

Mati itu pasti..
Yg tak pasti  ya adalah bila.
Even org yg doktor bg tarikh pun belum gerenti lagi berapa panjang nafas yg ada.
The more I try to understand this, the more I value life, n what I do

Now, seeing the people I love still breathing every morning is a bless and thankful. 
Each morning I kiss them profusely,  no one can tell if we all can survive the day and we'l be having dinner together.

Allah saja yg tahu siapa yg dpt tiket dulu.
AllahusSamad..Lam ya lid Wa lam yulad

Friday, May 15, 2015

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Baby Boiboi

everyone is awed  when looking at the picture-perfect Kate M, nicely dressed, nice hair, nice look leaving the hospital only 2 days after giving birth to her second child..
everything is 'perfect'. almost unreal.
but there she is..she is real.
(and we cant help feelin miserable when looking at ourself huhu)

i think, yes she can, since she HAS to be that.
she might have an army to help her create such look, advise the choice of going-out outfit, when we the normal people only depends on what is there in our hospital bag. double joy if we did remember to pack tinted lipbalm and matching tudung!
and then sometimes, in hurry to leave, we dont care anymore, do we?

and..ahaaa! i manage to take a glimpse of her remaining post-delivery belly. its stil there!
yes she is human afterall!
and looking at her previous delivery with George, i think she made good choice covering up in the waisted blue dress that hides the remaining bump.

but again, only she knows how she must have feel at that moment, the pain that only she can feel.
that very pain every mother who gave natural delivery must have enjoyed.
or if you have a C-sect, i reserve my comment.

we the normal people may not really need to succumb to such pressure to be perfect at all time..
we have the freedom to walk around in mekap-free faces and hideous abaya. who cares anyway.

on different note,
my mom and day was home last week, and my children are super happy spending time with their granparents.
Umar was lying with his grandma when he suddenly checking Maktok's belly, then he asked
"Maktok like to eat vege eh?"
and to keep up..Maktok answered "of course!"

and she got this slapped at her
'No wonder Maktok is fat, thats why i dont eat vege you know..."

Monday, April 13, 2015

T-rex and the Hands

Yesterday at Daiso Umar merajuk bila mummy tak nak beli dinasor utk dia.
too bad, mummy is not keen to idea of paying RM5 for a single sekor dinasor besar tapak tangan.
ohh, campur gst rega akan menjadi RM5.30.
panjang je muncung dia..sampai last2 abak janji nk belikan kat tempat lain.
tp sudahnya abak pulak lupa..
masa dlm kereta abak cerita kat mummy
' do you know why he likes t-rex?'
'no,, why?'

T-rex ada tangan..boleh salam!

hehe..ok, mummy pun baru perasan, not many other dinasor has this character.
good one Umar,
it might be small but i think its good to have ones (or two!) at the least!

Friday, March 27, 2015


tu diaa... 2 bulan lebih berabuk tak update hehe

takdan sungguh cek nk hadap blog ni. balik rumah berebut tab dgn anak, dah kita tak bagi depa main, maka mak pak pun kena la berkorban tak main juga. dah katanya didikan melalui teladan.

lately dah viral pulak pasai org kedah cakap omputeh. we olls tak panggil pasaq, tapi panggei 'market
hihi. kiyut pulak.
and yes, byk 'slang' kedah is English-influenced. dicampoq dengan loghat maka jadilah bahasa kedah yg unik.
antara contoh english yg dikedahkan:
- kala = colour
             cth ayat: baju ghaya cek kala meghah na mak na!
- awat = what *ok this is obvious isnt it?
- buk = book
- serbiya = surveyor
            cth ayat : anak che nah tu gheja serbiya kat pejabat tanah nun!
            kira tere la kalau gheja opis tu

ada lagi kot tp pasai dok sebut selalu, tak perasan pulak.

ok sapa nk pi kedah buleh la belajaq2.
oh lagi satu, we dont call surau as 'sughau'. ini antara perkataan2 yang tetap dikekalkan sebutan dia walaupun ada elemen qalqalah di situ.

ok babai!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Coffea oo Coffee

Salam Jumaat!

Hari penuh Barakah, mungkin aku yg cukup berkat, pagi2 dah mcm2 hal
stress kiri kanan.
time mcm ni mmg teringat kopi..

mm.. kopi peanut butter yg berkrim dah lama tak rasa ni

Tahun Satu

Aliya masuk sekolah betul tahun ni. darjah satu dah anak aku. Along Aisyah dah darjah 3. mak dia je dok perasan muda lagi.

tahun ni sebab 1st monday adalah 5hb. orientasi tahun satu dibuat agak lewat, 2hb Jan.
unlike tahun2 lepas biasanya sekolah buat hujung2 December tu.
jadinya untuk standby orientasi + daftar first day, mak nye terpaksa lah cuti lebih sikit.
memula dah amik 3 hari. alhamdulillah sebab new year hari khamis, makanya tereasa lama la jugak bila cuti sederet dari 1hb sampai 6hb tu..perghh..
sekali, siapa sangka dengan bencana banjir tahun lepas, kementerian suruh semua sekolah start 12hb pulak.. dan sebab sekolah agama kelolaan jabatan agama negeri takde pulak ckp nk tunda ke apa, aku pun tak de la nk kensel cuti 5hb tu. kebetulan juga mak ayah nk pi umrah 6hb tu boleh la terus saing hantar diorg kat airport.
tapi, sudahnya Allah jua yang merancang. sekolah agama pun tunda ke 12 hb. same goes to tadika.
apa lagi..merendekk sakan la budak2 tu kat rumah.
12hb tu pun baru stat hantar si kecik Adira and Umar pi tadika. tak hantar karang tadika potong nama pulak.

hari orientasi Aliya
rilek je buat mcm rumah sendiri sebab dah biasa kluar masuk sekolah kakak.

tahun ni Tahun 1 sesi petang pulak. Alhamdulillah sama dgn Along. senang sikit boleh Along tgk2 adik kat kantin, tunggu adik naik van balik sekolah karang.

Kitorang belikan Aliya beg sekolah biasa2 je, sengaja pilih kaler hijo froleseng tu. senang nak cam. pengalaman dari zama Aisyah dulu memang bersepah beg sekolah pink untuk gegirl. dah la seropa je budak2 sekolah ni dari jauh, susah nk spot. binau mata nk cari anak memasing.

tahun ni misi mencari beg sekolah mmg mencabar. dah le bapak mahaiiii beg sekolah anak2 zaman sekarang..koman2 40-50 hengget. yg elok mmg kurang2 79.99 sampai ratus2. ada sekali belek2 beg yg support pinggang apa kenamanye tu.. Ergo? eh tu carrier bb haha
sekali tgk price tag 300 beb!! terus calo kluar kedai
mak ko pun pakai beg freee je tau

last2 jumpa yg memenuhi kriteria kat kedai market besar tu, tgk material buleh tahan mcm kalis air so insyaallah time hujan ada gak harapan, padding pun tebal gak, saiz pun ngam.. kaler pun terang benderang. rega? mmg termurah hahaha tak sampai 30 pun. boleh beli tiga terus.
takde katun2 mmg muncung la kejap budak2 tu tp lepas tu blanja keychain sorang satu hepi la diorang.


beg sekolah agama lagi sempoi
Pasaraya Sakan mari..
tu pun kemain eh sekarang ni.. seblum cuti sekolah rasanya mcm seploh hingget jah, sekali nk buka sekolah dah belas2 ada yg puloh2..pehhh..

tahun ni tak byk amik gambar pun sebab malasnk bersesak dgn first-time parents. biar lah kasi can diorang pulak melayan perasaan hahaha. Si Liya ni pulak mmg jenis selamba bulldoze segala so mmg konfiden sikit nk tinggalkan dia. kejap je dah ada geng.
masa kat sekolah agama, kitorang tunggu depan pintu kelas masa student nk kluar rehat, tgk2 dah takde org dlm kelas, bila masa budak ni kluar???? arghhh dah le sesak dgn parent dgn budak nk pegi kentin.. tgk2 nmpk dia dok beratur nk beli food dah..ceh.. elok sampai kat kaunter tgk dah takde pulak... cari punya cari jumpa dia sedap2 tgh makan nugget. yg si Along ni kemain la cari adik nk 'ajar 'gi kentin padahal dia dah advance dulu dah..

Second day, kitorang suruh balik naik van. mak pak sekodeng dari jauh. ok, dah kenal makcik van, takde tolak2 ok la tu Pass!

like i said dulu, bila anak habis tadika dan masuk sekolah rendah ingat boleh la jimat duit yuran tadika diorang sebab yurang sekolah ditanggung oleh kerajaan.. tapi sebenarnya ada peningkatan kos tersembunyi di situ.. yuran tadika baru rm200, tp duit van dah 100 pagi petang, duit poket pagi ptg semgu je dah kurang2 rm30, blom campur tolak duit blanja buku tulis pensel kaler pemadam stokin kotak pensen yg sebulan tah berapa kali nk kena refill..
haa blom kira buku latihan, buku cerita la apa la..

takpe la semua tu untuk hgpa blajaq, mummy bukan nk berkira tapi mummy nk ajar anak2 menghargai nilai. Nilai barang, nilai duit, nilai diri..
untuk apa beli brg yg tak perlu just for the sake of 'having', pakai barang branded2 mahal2 walau mampu sekalipun.. lebih baik ringgit yg ada kita salurkan ke tempat lain yg lebih perlu. tak perlu ikut fesyen, ikut kawan tp ukur baju di badan sendiri, ikut guideline 'ukuran' Rasulullah dan keluarga Baginda then we'l realised betapa jauhnya kita...

jom patah balik!

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

bye 2014!

its new year 2015, finally.
last year was quite challenging. but i thin every year has its own challenge.

baru nk update hahaha

before year end, tadika aliya ada buat ihtifal.. ye ke camtu bunyinye hahah aku bukan reti sgt main bedal je. yg aku tau dulu2 zaman aku sekolah kitorang sebut hari penyampaian hadiah je.
dalam tak ramai org tu, meriah juga acara sebab sebenarnya tadika tu ada byk cawangan, jadi time gini diorg combine la semua. kalau harap tadika aliya tu mmg 5 org tu je la naik pentas.

Si umar pun sama terlibat.. actually si Adyra pun berlatih kemain, tapi hari tu nampak je teacher dia yg pakai niqab tu terus tanak turun dari dukung. takut.

dengan kawan sepergaduhan dia 

tahun ni dah darjah satu.
another new challenge for all of us!!