Thursday, April 10, 2008

human buai

majlis cukur jambul anak buah gue Khalis went on smoothly
cumanya we r not prepares to do berendoi, ot wasnt on agenda then
but suddenly the ladies in charge (ketua geng marhaban) told my mom in law she wan to do berendoi
adoi laa mana nk cari buai dan dan tu jugak
luckily my mother inlaw is the creative type hehe, she brought down he kain batik, and ask my sis in law and my biras'2 sister to hold the makeshif buai

tgk anak dara aku nk nyebok sama
nasib baik dia tak gaduh nk naik gak, kalau tak mahu tergeliat si tukang pegang tu ekeke


jeng jeng..
introducing new addition to the family
its only 8 week old
and ive been okay
except the normal dizziness in the morning and night time

im so traumatized by my past bleeding experience i wud check my undies for bloodsign everytime!
hope it will turn out fine

it still too early to tell its a bird or butterfly
either one im okay
of course it will be merrier if i had a boy to make it a pair

aisehh takleh donlod pulak
ok lah til then!

Friday, April 04, 2008

aku beli kat sg wang @$9.90 tunaiii hehe
saja wat pakai kat opis pasai i wear sandal when driving
ada few lagi mmg ku berkenan jugak, more like ballet shoes wat pakai jln2
tp bila pakai takde la sedap sgt, dan mengenangkan kaki ku yg sensitip ini ku tahan la dari beli hehe
but stil i think it wud look nice on preggy mom!
(dah la 9.90 jekkkkk)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

my beloved coin purse

actually someone give it to me last year
i bet anybody ever work at AG prob will have one hehe
in 2007 many accountants attended accountant's conference in turkey,so most will buy this as gift to office
i found it easy to use, albeit its kind of hard sometimes to locate my i/c or my ATM cards and sometimes my notes will get lost in there hehe
so hubby says he want to buy me a new one, something that will be easier for him to help himself in hehe