Friday, September 19, 2014

jom cuci mata tgk  produk sweet

ehh aku mmg suka yg plain mcm ni..
jom layan jubah pulak

ni utk set jiwa muda pula hehe

korean style!

ehhh byk laa..
tak tertepek aku aih.. tgk sendiri la kat website dia no.. paling penting dia tgh sale la ni..maka sila cepat! meh aku bagi direct link terus sampai kat tempat sale tu jahh ----->


Thursday, September 18, 2014

to sweet friends out there

do you regards yourself a good friend?
do you actually see yourself as good and true friend?
if yes, what make you think so?

you always chat with your clan, constant and never-end messaging even tho you just drop off from outing trip with them 3 minutes ago?
you accept every invites they send, esp party and meet-ups?
you listen to their whining and 'life threatening' problem without fail, and you give them (what you think) good advice.
you tried to help as much as you can?
you include them in your prayer, every time? ok atleast when they have problem
you loaned them  you clothes, shoes, car, makeup, accessories..and sometimes bibik?

what else good friend should do?

i dunno  if my friend thinks that im a good friend.
and i don really care to know.
because, if i did all friend should do, it is not because i want their recognition
i just want to be there, for them. help them forward, even if i had to reach down to do so
because i know i can rise up afterwards, and they need my help to rise now.

truth is, i dont have many 'friends'
i do know lots of people, but im quite selective to call anyone my 'friend'
to me, a real friend is the one who:
1. will tell me there's chilli flake on my teeth.
because chances is, she will tell me all my flaws and mistake with honest brutality. but its honest, and i appreciate that. i need that. i dont need someone who see i made mistake and just whispering to the 'air' (yepp the talking air, if you know what i mean..) simply because they hadnt had the courage to tell me the truth. huh?

2. havent talked/see me for a long time, but when we meet we know that we 'belongs'

3. understand what im saying!
and they can see beyond my words too. incredible heh? only certain people can have this skills. its magical u know!

4. understand my situation, can see where im going and they will either put a brake or treat me with superpower fuel to make sure om going faster!

5. got my joke! ok thats the utmost hehehe. i cant stand to explain my jokes to people. it no joke.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Auww SOoo Sweett....

Weh korang..
Sweet Muslimah tgh sale tau..cepat!
nk lagi cepat terus je klik kat banner aku tu hahaha

atau pegi je fb dia
byk baju cantek2, tak beli pun boleh cuci mata

ada niat nk ikut syariat pun dah ada pahala insyaallah
kot lama2 dah selalu tgk terbuka hati nk tutup properly.
sama2 lah kita kan ukhti2 sekelian..ecehh

SweeMuslimah nibukan jual jubah je, jubah kanak2 pun ada, Tshirt muslimah pun ok
sebenarnya aku tak pakai sgt tshirt labuh ni, selalu pakai blouse je
tp mcm nk kena terai satu lah. mcm selesa je nmpk,dok rumah nk kuar sidai kain ke apa senang tayah  nk saruk jubah lg dah. nk masak ke apa pun senang nk singsing lengan tu ha..

ok korang..sila..silaa..