Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Its THAT Time

Adyra is quickly nearing her 3rd month.
I mean quick as the time flies so fast I can't get enough of my children. All of them.
I missed the time all of them were inside me..the bonding, the togetherness. When its only 2 of us. When I'm the privilidge one to hold them and the other can only look at us and do their very much to pamper the baby - through me! Haha that's the best part of being pregnant isn't it?
I missed talking to them, telling them all my secrets.
I missed carrying them everywhere and I dun have to worry who's babysitting!
The biggest thing I missed most during pregnancy is the opportunity to multifold my investment for the after-days, that's the time when everything I do, every tiredness,sleeplessness and pain were generously rewarded by Allah. Damn how I regret slipping this!!
Congratulations for all those mommies out there - that includes you too Jj!
I know its gonna hard time, Brace it and you'l be fine Insyaallah. Remember, you'r carrying the khalifs of tomorrow!!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

huhu... tq for the reminder... tgh dok wallowing in self pity ni, bila diingatkan camni, rasa bertuah sebenonya to be given this experience again. Alhamdulillah.