Friday, April 20, 2012


Antara moment yg sgt mengujakan semasa membesarkan anak adalah ketika saat pertama mereka faham apa kita kata. Its amazingly exciting to that little eyes twinkling and the litel head moving,showing mommy "hey I know what u'r talking about!"

Mungkin sebab kita underestimet kebolehan anak kecil.
Mungkin dari kecik baby newborn pun diorang dah faham, cuma tak pandai nak bgtau org dewasa.
Who knows kan,, alangkan dlm perut pun dah pandai mcm2. And baby stat develop brain sejak dari minggu2 pertama kejadian lagi. So only Allah je tau our true brain capabilities.

Mommies daddies out there,
Do not be afraid to talk to your baby
Teach them what you want them to know
Maybe this is also the best stage to instil the aqidah,build the basis etc
because chances is everything will be absorbed and stays there

Yes, you may look stupid teaching your baby algebra today, but think who'l look stupid when you'r parent to a mathematic genius tomorrow

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