Tuesday, April 17, 2012

im a big big sister now!

i havent blog about Aisyah's 6th birthday this year.
im sorry dear, not that mommy forgot. we did celebrate it didnt we?

mommy stil in confinement kan time tu, and both Maktuk and TokMama are not doing so well
so majlis ala kadar je la
hehe alasan.. tiap2 tahun pun ala kadar jugekk :-p !
tapi paling spesel tahun ni abak hang siap masakkan laksa kedah paling tersedap di lembah klang dan seluruh kawasan jajahan!!

buktinya tgk sendiri la adik2 Aisyah makan tak hengat.. siap angkat mangkuk lagi si Liya
tinggai tak gelek2 montot je haha

ok, abak insist to tell you that he did under Maktuk's supervision.. hehe kes takmo curi credit la nih eh
takpe abak, we know you can do it on your own

im so sorry we havent get you anything much
but i do hope with this Du'a, you and all your sis and bro 'l be safe and sound, insyaallah

u'iizukum bikalimatillahitammati(h)
min kullisyaithoninnwahammati(h)
wa min kulli 'ainin lammah
i seek protection for you in the Perfect Words of Allah
from every evil and every beast
and from every enviuos blameworthy eye (read: pandangan mata jahat seluruh makhluk)

mommy and abak do Love you very much
mmg we do marah you a lot, and i wont buy you the sexy dress you always wanted - sorry for that
but we just want you to be a better person, dunia and akhirat.


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