Thursday, February 07, 2013


seriuosly i cant believe it myself
this litel cheecky is one-year old?!!

you got to see how small she really is
at first we tot it's normal, since she's not vey big from birth
but she now weigh less than 8kg!

but apart from that she's a happy child and progresses steadily
now on the verge of starting her very first step.
dah pandai turun from bed and sofa dah..
rambut pun dah panjang sikit dah.. (nota: panjang for my kids may equal your newborn's amount of hair lol!)

we dont really plan any big celebration tho, since abak is away and only be coming home later today
and tomorrow is another 'big' day for mummy -  i had 3 big mountains of laundry to setel! and the packing!!! * pengsan siap2 while writing this
before we can head back to kg. then only we have a long cuti there..fuhhh..

but tokmama already requested that we had our normal closed-door celebration, maybe tomorrow. after work we can all head straight to klang.. hope mummy can figure out something.. anything.. poor tokmama too, shes not very well lately, i feed bad to burden her, even when she never complaining, yet stil insists on doing things on her own..

Dear ADyra
eventho sometimes mummy was so clouded by your other siblings,
(forgive me for that!)
or tak sempat to 'protect' you from bro Umar (and this too!)
i'l never forget the day you re born -
how small you were
how sweet and soothing you are
how cute your nose is
how worry we all were seeing you inside the oxygen box with all the wires
how happy we were when you finally can came home for the first time

and not only that,
mummy and abak also will never forget
when we first were 'told' that we'l get you
it was way before i was late
i was reading the translated Quran as usual, spanning the pages to see what the message of the day
then i was 'directed' to Surah Maryam:7:

Wahai Zakaria! Sesungguhnya Kami memberikan khabar yang mengembirakanmu dengan mengurniakan seorang anak lelaki bernama Yahya, yang kami tidak pernah jadikan sebelum itu, seorangpun yang senama dengannya".
i looked up and see abak is looking at me with a knowing smile ( i was never be able to figure out how did he is always ahead of me in this?!!!!! all he said is ' i just know it' :-p )

i read it to him..confused. abak said ' takkan tak percaya kot?'
ok lets see it.
true enough, next few weeks, its confirmed you are there..! its just that you're a girl, but nevermind another girl is always welcomed.. mummy can add another shopping partner!

you, Adyra, is our little miracle, delivered from the heavenly above..
we all are thankful to have you as part of us.

Mummy will always pray for you
Dear Allah,
Made her a righteous muslimah
who is always protected form the evil eyes
and bad intention of others
will always surrounded by love, of people around her, people who loves her and people she loves
bestow her the best barakah You can offer, the most knowledge in the world
please protect and deviate her from the biggest sins
jadikan dia anak yang solehah
tetapkanlah solatnya
lemmbutkan lah hati dah lidahnya
indahkan rupa parasnya supaya menyenangkan hati semua yg melihatnya
murahkan rezekinya, luaskanlah rumahnya
sihatkanlah tubuhbadannya, penglihatannya, pendengarannya dan peliharalah dia dari penyakit berjangkit
peliharalah dia dari bala bencana dan musibah
ampunkan dosa2nya, tetapkanlah tempatnya di syurgamu Ya Allah..
mudah2an dia menjadi seorang yg bertaqwa dan berjaya dunia akhirat dan tergolong dalam golongan yg kanan..
Amiinn..aminn Ya Rabb.. perkenankanlah doa ibu ini ya Allah..
La haulawalaquwwatailla billa hi aliyyil'adzim.

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CidaZam said...

ok mak long lupa ur first besday dear!!!!!!