Thursday, November 29, 2012

Quality or Quantity?

Dato Sri Wahid Omar, when asked how he manage his work-life balance
'I'm gratefuL to have an understanding wife, always told her: its not the quantity but the quality of time I spent with her and family that counts!'

But if u ask me,
Quality can always proportionate with quantity
What much quality u can get for less than 10min?
I wud rather spend 3hr just being in the same room with abg ajies even when we'r not in speaking term
Tambah pulak akhir2 zaman ni masa cukup la pantas berlalu kan? 3hr tu mcm 3 mint je..tgk2 dah nak magrib..rasa mcm baru je masuk zohor tadi.

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1 comment:

marie said...

betul betul che ta...dah lah skrg cepat betul masa dah bulan 12 dah....:(