Thursday, November 01, 2012

Stress Test!

Hari ni abg ajies started his latest adventure, somewhere not close to KL. So I'm left on my own. Since I'm attending a course at sheraton, he did sent me tho..but I had to go back myself. So I decided to take the train home.
Soon after the course wrApped up, solat siap2 sebab dah agak dah I won't be home until magrib. Then I took the long forgotten journey - passing the doraisamy, dang wangi polis station, wisma campbell, sogo.. Stopping only at traffic lights while retracing back some old memories.
Only to arrive at the ktm station fully packed to the max. Saw people patah balik, and overheard some re-arranging the plan.. Oh no.. This cud not be happening
I was told ktm is having track problem whic only one track left available, and that will cause delay. A 'normal, routine' delays of komuter is already making you sick, what more for a 'major breakdown' like this??!!!
Cudnt get abg ajies, so I brace myself to buy the ticket jugak..crossing my finger nonetheless..
Then I went down, squeezing my way in the swamp of, well, literally all-sweating people.
Not long, the tren arrived. But of course it's a full housed to the max!!
Tried to squeeze in hard, but had to gave in since the sardines were simply unmoved!
I dunno how long I had to wait for another train. So in the meantime, busying myself with this entry.
Will fill u up with the ending later ya!

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Pizli Mat Wazip said...

Semoga dipermudahkanlah ye. Dapat bayangkan sebab dulu pernah kena.