Friday, November 02, 2012

Picking up

Ok sambung hat semlm.
After about an hour waited, the tren arrives.
Tried my best to squeeze in. And yeehaa I made it.
Once inside, its not so cramped afterall. Biasa la org malesia ni kalau naik bas ka ketapi ka mesti nak konker tepi pintu tu.
But not to blame them entirely..maybe their stop is just next, so why susah payah masuk dlm kan? I'd do that..hehe

And I found myself thanking the govt for the effort of having the ladies only coach. Its so much relief in there. At least, we ladies smells better even after a hard day's work! And ladies are relatively smaller in size so I don't need to gasp for air.
Despite the minor hiccup, everything ends well. And I found myself liking the public transportation much better!

Ok next I will share with you today's experience pulak ye ;-p

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