Friday, December 23, 2011

Ada vs tiada

yupp its soooo very true..

2011 has been very challenging to us. especially towards the end
the ride was getting bumpy and bumpier and heavier
we'r having hard time looking for places and things to hold ourselves

but, out of that
i thought its fun to have a bumpy ride once a while
boleh goyang2 badan and enjoy a 'different' kind of ride
surprisingly, nobody complaining
the kids are having fun too
they'r laughing and jumping
and i found myself holding on tighter to my other half ..
and he too..did the same to me.
each day, we look at each other and smile reassuringly.
words are no longer necessary.
we feel loved. and its growing more and more with each bump
and that's all we need most.

ketidak-adaan ini banyak menyedarkan
membuka mata dan lebih menghargai apa yg aku ada
Hasbiallahiwaknikmal wakeel...
Cukuplah bagiku Tuhanku..

hope you found yours too..!

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