Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Pretty faces

Bila berasak-asak dalam kenderaan awam I got to see people at their closest.
Ketiak masam, mismatched outfit and henfon aside, I see that each and every one of us are indeed beautiful in our own way. When overall look may not be so pleasing to the eye but if one were to look closely, these people may have beautifully shaped nose, eyes etc..
So rejoice what we have..for Allah are the Ever Best Creator..No way He'll gonna create a crap nor ever he had an accident!

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Pizli Mat Wazip said...

Dulu saya masa ada kelas malam dekat KL saya pun selalu tengok orang.

Che Ta said...

kalau malam2 .. betul ke org yg kau tgk tu? hahahaha