Monday, January 30, 2012

For my eyes only

Now that I'm practically hopelessly bedridden (ok exaggeration does exist here) I'm glad I have everyone around to help me out.
My mom n dad is here, and parent-inlaws are just a phone call away.

Melihat mak dan ayah yg tak menang tangan jaga aisyah dan aliya, dengan umar pun tak berapa sihat, aku rasa sebelum2 ni I've done quite a gud job myself. Mcm tak caya pulak aku boleh buat semua tu single-handedly before hehe.
Mmg tak perfect but I dun strive for perfection. Sebab aku tau aku takkan dpt capai yg sempurna itu so why bother stressing over something yg mmg dah tau tak boleh dpt? I prefer to concentrate on what I can do, and do it as best as I can.
It doesn't matter what people say, they are free to say anything they like.
Yeah now I know I'm not that bad
Hope to keep it up

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CidaZam said...

wahhh dah jumpa BB ke? ahahaha