Sunday, September 25, 2011

We cant quite never expect what will come from those litel mouths!

They had nasi lemak for supper, and straightaway went to bed. Then I overheard this:
'Alhamdulillah kenyangkan kita makan nasi lemak!
Esok Aliya jgn cakap kat cikgu kat sekolah tau ini rasia! Rasia!'

Dah lama dok ajar ckp Alhamdulillah but they'l just ignore me. But tell u when parents not around they'll! So don't give up teaching ur kids, they actually get it. They just won't show us how much they actually learnt.
But careful tho, yesterday masa kat hiway nmpk kereta banyak and abg ajies said 'Alamak jemm!!'
Aliya was quick to add ' Ala jemm.. Eh bodo sikit buley tak?!!'

Abakkkk.. Did I warned u to mind ur language while driving!!!

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