Friday, March 04, 2011


Aisyah is five today.

a number that always make me confused
sometimes i feel like she should be older, burdened her fragile shoulder with all sorts of 'tasks'
always telling her 'you'r big sister now so you should take care of everything, give good example to your little brother and not so little sister'

is it fair to expect so much from her?
ripping her from her own childhood joys to freely do everything a kid ought to be doing?
or is it the perfect time to plant the values, a trial to shape and mold her into something i (think) she should be

to my Dear Daughter Princess Aisyah

to day is your day
the special date that will always be remembered
mummy cant give you your dream princess themed birthday party
mummy cant even take the day off today to be with you
but mummy will always pray for you
to have the best in everything
to be the best daughter i ever have
to love and be loved by people around you always
to be able to acquire all the knowledge to satisfy you inquisitive minds.
never stop question will ya?
to be spared from terminal illness, sorrows and wicked-minds of the mean people
to be in divine protection all the time
never to stray from the lights and the right path (May Allah never leave you and always give you the guidance)
to respect and gain respect from people
to be bestowed with high darjat dunia dan akhirat
and the most important
to always love mummy and abak, take care of us when we cant take care of ourselves
be a solehah daughter adn granddaughter.

the first months..

barely 1-yr

tanda2 awal
on the way...

opss tompang promote makcu sekali yaa

p/s: sorry i cant leave at 5pm
 my office hour ends at 5.30pm
does it make me an irresponsibly bad mother?


a n a . i z z t y said...

tanda2 awal dia menjejaki mummy dia...hahahah...cute.... :)

Che Ta said...

ke maksu diaa.. hihi

mama_QnR said...

many happy returns aisyah!!!!
semoga menjadi insan yang membanggakan keluarga, agama, bangsa dan negara

Nurul a.k.a Riko said...

happy 5th birthday to Aisyah! Moga jadik Kakak yg penyayang to yr adik2 & jugak anak yg solehah to yr parents!

Che Ta said...

thank you aunties!