Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a definite politically incorrect!

i was never a true politician
never to seriously invlolve myself in local political issue
only did my part to cast my vote (even half-heartedly) every 5 years or so
but when some seasoned (ni betul punya sezen nih!) politician make another addition to his collection of 'biadap' remark regarding my religion,
of course i jumped!
you read it here
its obviously came from a deeply shallow mindset.
weel, i can go on and mock his 'history' but i wont do that.
i just wish that all politician and YB/Minister-wannabe : you MUST respect every religion in this world,
why it is okay if a singh cant cut/shave his hair but not okay when woman choose not to touch any man?
even if you dont agree with it religiously (i know i shudnt say this) atleast you should respect the freedom of any woman to touch whomever she wants!

what more saddened is the 'silence' from his counterpart. semua tu org2 Islam. sanggup tahan telinga bila agama sendiri dipersenda, hanya semata2 nk jaga hati 'kawan2' dan jaga hati peti undi..
so we shudnt (or cant?) protect our own religion in the name of 1Malaysia?

but, when i say 'respect' other religion,
it doesnt mean you should go all the way to 'support' them.
there's a very clear line between the two.
so to volunteer yourself at the temple during thaipusam to me is clearly a direct support and sort of pledging your approval that there is other god next to the Al-Mighty Allah.

God says :
'barangsiapa mencari keredhaanKu dengan murka manusia, maka Aku akan mencukupkan mereka,
tetapi barangsiapa mencari keredhaan manusia dengan kemurkaanKu, maka akan Kuserahkan mereka kepada manusia'

fikir2 kan lah

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