Thursday, June 07, 2012

I came across this site when googling for something.
Its kind of database for ALL those unwanted telemarketers, charities, debt collector whatsoever yg dok call harassing us. So if u ever get any of those unwanted call boleh report kat sini for everyone to see it.
Boleh juga search those no to see if org lain juga penah kena dgn those eff numbers! Most likely, you r not the only one.
And today juga aku baru tau ada scam dari nomot2 ni yg akan call you bgtau uolls ada utang sekian2 byk dgn sekian2 bank (most likely OCBC) dan ugut nak kena bankrap bagai..and dia akan negotiate certain amount utk 'release' u from bankrapsi tu kononnya..whic the money to be bank-in in some acc..
Yg herannya depa ni ada semua detail kita siap ic alamat semua..
So be careful ya uollss..

Err I haven't tried other personal no so I dunno if kita boleh check those no yg 'mysteriously harassing' our spouse ;-p

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