Friday, August 11, 2017

Anas is 1

makin lama makin krikk krikk je blog ni
susah sekarang nk buka laptop kat rumah bila ramai sangat peminat ni

ok just to record Anas is now 1
how time flies.. feels like yesterday i was carrying him inside
and those hospital visits..
and confinement time, and hospital visits again..
and here he is.. a year old who barely stand on his own. he could crawl (yet)
yes he is 1 year old who stil cant crawl but very fast on the walker
ok no need to nag me on why-walker-is-not-good-for baby bla bla bla

a year old means another visit to his paed to further confirm his condition, whether a minor operation will be required or not, which i doubt 80% is positive. will talk about this later, i cant find the name for his condition at this moment. apparently he is under monitoring since he was highly jaundice right after birth. i was so relieved he turned out okay, since doctors also said it is a miracle for him to survive.
ye he is a miracle.
not a second i looked at him and not thanking Allah how blessed we are to have him..
Alhamdulillah Ya rabb..


The Chatty Me said...

has been a year? mashaallah.... rasa mcm ko baru lepas pantang je...

Che Ta said...

whewww you still visit my blog haa.. how fluttered!