Monday, May 12, 2014

mother's day

dont celebrate Mother's day pun..
because i think i am not a good mother, not much to celebrated

i yelled constantly to my innocent,  naive kids
i never bake their favorite cake
i am not home 24/7 with them
i missed their sports day  last year
i didnt supervise their homework every night --> and they didnt get those A as many as their cousins and my friend's kids
i make super simple instant breakfast
their white uniforms are not super bright but smeared and ugly
i did not watch Frozen, so i dont know the lyric to sing with them
these days, i hardly sit down to play with them.
i complained that im tired ALL the time
i didnt buy them crayon or paint to color anymore because im too stressed to clean up after that.
i am mad at their father so i yelled at them.
i ordered them to sit still, scream less everytime i 'talk' to them
i am not a good referee - either i never took side, or im at everyone's side
i didnt buy their dream toy because i want to teach them to value what the have.
i tell them what to wear. and stressed myself at the expenses of everyone when they dont.

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